Broke Trump is willing to sell the VP slot to Nikki Haley

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Trump is reportedly considering Nikki Haley as his running mate if she will pay tens of millions of dollars in his legal bills.

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Axios reported:

Relations between the Republican rivals remain chilly, but Trump could choose Haley if he was convinced she would help him win the presidency, avoid a possible prison sentence and cover tens of millions in legal bills if he loses.

Republicans close to both campaigns believe it is in Haley and Trump’s mutual interest to reconcile, despite their bitter battles in the Republican Party primaries and their differing views on some major issues.

Trump is scrambling to make up for a fundraising disadvantage against President Biden and pay legal fees. Haley, meanwhile, has deep ties to donors who are wary of the former president.

This should be called what it is. Trump would sell the running mate spot on the ticket to Haley as long as she would pay his legal bills and help him avoid jail. The question is: what would Haley get out of such a deal?

If the ticket loses in November, former Ambassador Haley would be blamed. Her political career and any future presidential campaigns would be destroyed, and she would be saddled with the liability known as Donald Trump.

The Trump campaign appears to be pushing this story in an effort to bring Haley and her supporters back into the fold, an acknowledgment that the ex-president is struggling to unite the Republican Party.

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Trump has already offered to sell US energy policy to the oil companies for $1 billion. Apparently he’s so desperate for cash that he’s willing to sell the vice president slot on the Republican ticket for help paying his legal bills. Running for president is his only source of income, and without a campaign or presidency he won’t be able to pay his lawyers.

The situation within the Republican Party looks even worse than expected, as everything seems to be for sale to pay Trump’s bills.

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